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What is a Coaching Service?

An Executive Coach delivers the honest direction and advice to advance your personal and professional growth. Here at Tortal Training, we see the far-reaching impact of professional counseling and offer one-on-one coaching services to help professionals maximize their personal success and effectiveness in the workplace.  Our dedicated coach, Cordell Riley will provide unbiased feedback and perspective to help you excel. Even the Bill Gates’ of the world cannot grow if they do not see where they need improvement. That’s why a Tortal Training coach is there to help you navigate your professional career and open your eyes to unlimited potential. While our focus is on building your best self, coaching can have a positive and direct impact on your team and overall organization. We designed this service on the belief that there is no limit to what we can accomplish. Whether you want to improve your job function, people skills, time management or personal reputation, Cordell Riley will guide you through your personal and professional growth.

Here’s a sneak peek into our guidelines for an effective coaching relationship:

  1. Formalize the coaching relationship. By formalizing the coaching relationship, you can discuss your aspirations and set general guidelines for communication that will help you build a strong foundation for growth.
  2. Consider hiring a professional coach. Hiring a professional coach sets clear expectations that your coach will motivate and guide you to achieve better performance without any sort of bias.
  3. Set up a structure. Designate a time, approximately every other week, to speak on the phone or meet with your coach and make a serious effort to keep those meetings as scheduled.
  4. Decide on some categories of issues to discuss. But do not set those issues in stone. The best coaching relationships are fluid and able to change when new issues and challenges arise over time.

Benefits of Hiring a Coach:

While some professionals may ask a friend or highly-regarded colleague to mentor them, we have seen the unparalleled advantages and expertise that a hired professional, Cordell Riley, can bring to a coaching relationship. First and foremost, the foundation of openness and trust that is fostered between you and your Tortal Training coach is a highly beneficial tool, especially for high-level executives. You can set clear expectations, define benchmarks and know that your coach has one singular goal: to successfully guide you in achieving your best self.

Why should you hire a coach? Here are a couple quick reasons:

  • Find your blind spots. We look for old and new, untapped areas for personal and professional growth.
  • Trust and honesty. Sometimes the truth hurts, but our honest and constructive criticism may be the difference between where you are and where you want to be
  • Your success comes first. We are only interested in helping you and will do so without industry or professional bias.
  • Guaranteed results. Our coaches are business professionals who are trained to bring out your best work.

Why Tortal Training?

When you hire Tortal Training for your coaching needs, you are investing in your future and career with the guidance of our fearless leader, Cordell Riley.  In 2013, Cordell founded Tortal Training, and over the years he has nurtured the company from a local start-up to industry leader. Along the way, he has made a name for himself in training as the go-to resource and consultant for numerous high-profile companies and top-level executives.  Today, he aims to bring his knowledge and superior coaching abilities to you!  So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your professional career and want to make an impact at work, do it with the help of Cordell.

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