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Getting the Most from Your Training Investment

blog Training Business employee productivity employee retention employee training franchise training programs training ROI

We know that your training department does more than just training: You’re responsible for talent development. The emphasis being on the importance of learning, not just training for training’s sake. The people in your company are more than just “task-doers,” they’re resources — investments you’ve made in your company. So the question then becomes, how…

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4 Tips for Keeping Employees Productive During the Holidays

blog Engagement Engagement Tips Management Advice Business employee productivity Engagement holiday productivity holidays HR management work life

Now that the fake spiders, Gremlin costumes and candy buckets from Halloween are all tucked away, it’s time for workers to get in gear for the holiday season. Getting your employees off to a running start is easy, but as the busyness of the holidays start to overwhelm them, helping employees stay productive is another…

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In Pursuit of Elegance: Matt May Talks about His Own Journey and What Inspires Him

Innovation Management Advice Advice Business elegance ideas Innovation Matt May satisfaction

Matt May is the author of In Pursuit of Elegance: Why the Best Ideas Have Something Missing and The Elegant Solution: Toyota’s Formula for Mastering Innovation.  He is also a weekly columnist for the American Express OPEN Forum Idea Hub.  Matt is an expert in design strategy and innovation, two subjects he focuses heavily on…

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The Best Strategy for Implementing Marketing Strategies

Engagement Engagement Tips Franchises Management Advice Advice Business Buying Groups Collaboration Cooperatives Dealer Networks Engagement franchise franchisee

This summer, the Balihoo Blog, full of tips and trends in marketing, featured a guest post which I wrote.  The post deals with the concept of engaging your franchisees, members, or dealers when implementing a marketing strategy.  It also mentions the dangers of simply pushing a strategy down through the organization from the top. From…

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Be Proactive: Strategies for Reigning in Negative Opinions

Engagement Engagement Tips Franchises Management Advice Advice Business Cooperatives Dealer Networks franchise Franchises satisfaction

I have been focusing a lot on blogging this summer.  In fact, I just wrote a guest post for ReputationDR Weblog in which I discuss how you can prevent an angry business customer from ruining your online reputation.  ReputationDR specializes in online reputation management and their blog features a variety of tips on preemptive reputation…

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The “Missed Opportunity” and the Power of Climate

Engagement Engagement Tips Management Advice Advice Business Engagement Leadership

I recently came across a great report by Hay Group about the power of climate in the workplace.  Hay Group, is a management consulting firm that helps people within an organization become motivated to perform to their best ability.  This report by Hay Group, titled “The Power of Climate,” points out that many organizations spend…

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The Stages of Membership

Collaboration Engagement Engagement Tips Franchises Management Advice Advice Business Collaboration Cooperatives Dealer Networks franchise franchisee Franchises

There are four stages to a company’s participation in a business group (co-op, buying group, franchise, or dealer network): Curiosity, Felicity, Reality, and Maturity. Stage 1: Curiosity This is the very beginning.  This is where the company/person is investigating.  During this period they are very curious, open-minded, and skeptical all at the same time.  They are…

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The 10 Cent Decision with Laurie Guest

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