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What You Need to Know about SCORM

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What You Need to Know about SCORM If you use computerized training materials of any kind, you need to understand what SCORM is and what it can do for you. This article will tell you what you need to know. What Is SCORM Compliant? “Sharable Content Object Reference Model,” or SCORM serves as a Reference…

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Tap the Power of Collaboration

Collaboration Engagement Engagement Tips Management Advice Collaboration Engagement Leadership Motivation

  Practical leadership advice from my new book Ingaging Leadership Leaders at many companies typically use the term collaboration to describe brainstorming sessions that are held to generate ideas around a specific topic or problem. The leaders of those companies often seem to believe that effective collaboration means getting people together into the same room…

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Why Training Deserves “a Seat at the Table” in your Company

Management Advice Metrics and Measurement Collaboration Leadership training ROI

  “Training deserves a seat at the table next to marketing and other company priorities,” our friend Dan Elzer told us in the Breakthrough Ideas webinar that he presented for us last summer. Dan founded The Training Academy, his clients include some of the most successful companies in America, and he is right. Top executives…

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Employee Training: Mind the Gap

blog Collaboration Franchises Training business franchises Collaboration employee productivity employee training franchise training programs Training needs analysis training solutions

Once you’ve figured out exactly what your training needs to accomplish, it’s time to find the disconnects. By identifying the differences that exist within your company, you can create strategies and solutions to make sure everyone is on the same page. Here are two gaps that you must be mindful of when training employees: 1….

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The Best Strategy for Implementing Marketing Strategies

Engagement Engagement Tips Franchises Management Advice Advice Business Buying Groups Collaboration Cooperatives Dealer Networks Engagement franchise franchisee

This summer, the Balihoo Blog, full of tips and trends in marketing, featured a guest post which I wrote.  The post deals with the concept of engaging your franchisees, members, or dealers when implementing a marketing strategy.  It also mentions the dangers of simply pushing a strategy down through the organization from the top. From…

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The BAF Signal: Featuring Evan Hackel

Engagement Engagement Tips Management Advice Collaboration Cooperatives Dealer Networks Engagement Franchises

The BAF Signal, written by Bradley Friedman, is a blog that  focuses on time management but also has a variety of posts about other interesting topics such as social media. Recently, I wrote a guest post for The BAF Signal that talks about how social media tools in the business world differ from those used outside…

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The Stages of Membership

Collaboration Engagement Engagement Tips Franchises Management Advice Advice Business Collaboration Cooperatives Dealer Networks franchise franchisee Franchises

There are four stages to a company’s participation in a business group (co-op, buying group, franchise, or dealer network): Curiosity, Felicity, Reality, and Maturity. Stage 1: Curiosity This is the very beginning.  This is where the company/person is investigating.  During this period they are very curious, open-minded, and skeptical all at the same time.  They are…

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Creating Culture When Working Remotely with David Veech

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