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Harvard Business Review Article Explores Why Companies Fail to Promote from Within

Hiring Leadership Leadership Training Management Advice employee retention Retention

  “Why Companies Overlook Great Internal Job Candidates,” an article by Wade Burgess in the October 3 Harvard Business Review, explores why companies hire from the outside instead of promoting from within. Here are three reasons that Burgess cites: The company culture discourages “poaching” good candidates from other departments and sectors. Managers are unwilling to…

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Hiring Is Surging in America . . . Now How Do You Train?

Management Advice Online Training Training Training Design employee retention Hiring Trends U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 287,000 in June, and the unemployment rate rose to 4.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job growth occurred in leisure and hospitality, health care and social assistance, and financial activities. Employment also increased in information, mostly reflecting the return of workers from a strike.”…

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Why Training to Improve Employee Retention Repays Your Investment Many Times Over

Management Advice ROI employee retention training ROI

  In “Why Training Pays You More than It Costs,” a post I wrote on December 28, I laid out some numbers that clearly showed that profitability surges when salespeople are trained to close only 10% more sales. Today, let’s explore another way that training can produce dramatic improvements in profitability. As you know, losing…

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Training Is the Time to Sow the Seeds of Employee Retention

Collaboration Training Training Design Career Advancement Employee Orientation employee retention Job Satisfaction

  Our CEO Evan Hackel believes that one key to building retention, performance and satisfaction is to tell job applicants what will be expected of them if they come on board – and even to tell them during interviews. “Why wait until the first job review and then tell employees what they haven’t done right?”…

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Good Golf Courses Become Great when They Train their Employees Well

Hotel and Hospitality Training Innovation Management Advice Training Training Design Customer Service Training employee retention Golf Golf Course Management

If you are in golf course management, you know that your ultimate success depends on how well you handle all the small details that create a quality golfing experience for your patrons. Do golfers find it easy to book tee times? When they arrive, are your parking areas clean and well maintained? Are golfers greeted…

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Three Ways to Boost Employee Retention (Hint. . . Training Is One of Them)

Engagement Engagement Tips Training Benefit Plans Benefits employee retention Listening Listening Skills Retention

  When I wrote my new book Ingaging Leadership, I didn’t plan it to be a manual about employee retention. But then a reader emailed me to say that he thought my ideas had the potential to dramatically improve employee retention in his organization. It’s always wonderful when someone makes an observation like that. In…

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How to Identify the Best Candidates for Leadership Training

Leadership Training Management Advice Training employee retention executive education leadership training training

  Leadership training programs offer your organization many important benefits, including: A cost-effective and efficient way to fill your top jobs by promoting excellent performers from within your organization. A powerful motivator that encourages your most talented managers to stay in your company for the long term. An opportunity to create a strong cross-functional leadership…

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3 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Awesome ROI On Your Employee Training

blog Engagement Tips Training employee investment employee retention employee training franchise training programs Leadership training ROI

You might be surprised at how many organizations invest their resources into employee training simply because it’s “what they’re expected to do.” This may technically fulfill organizational requirements, but it doesn’t achieve the important goal of talent development. This poor approach leads to situations where employees get out to the field and are too scared…

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Getting the Most from Your Training Investment

blog Training Business employee productivity employee retention employee training franchise training programs training ROI

We know that your training department does more than just training: You’re responsible for talent development. The emphasis being on the importance of learning, not just training for training’s sake. The people in your company are more than just “task-doers,” they’re resources — investments you’ve made in your company. So the question then becomes, how…

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4 Employee Training Logistics Tips You Need To Know

blog Training business franchise elearning employee retention employee training franchise training programs track training results training ROI

Once you’ve decided the best method for delivering your training content, the next step is to move into logistics. From sharing the content to using the best language to the tracking progress, there are a variety of points you’ll want to address. Below are four important logistic factors to consider for your employee training: 1….

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