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Guide to Franchise Training . . . why franchisors need to provide great training in their systems

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  Franchise executives are among the smartest businesspeople anywhere. They need to master a range of disciplines that include entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, supply chain management, retail and POS technology, negotiating real estate deals, and many others. But have you noticed that when it comes to training, even very capable franchise leaders sometimes seem to have…

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Training Lessons from a YouTube Video of an Angry Customer

Customer Service Training Food Service Training Hotel and Hospitality Training Restaurant Training Franchise Training

There are dozens of videos on YouTube that show angry or disgruntled customers. Some show customers behaving badly. Others show employees doing the same. They’re very unpleasant to watch, but many of them teach valuable lessons about how employees should be trained to work better with customers. Here’s one video – admittedly disturbing to watch…

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