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Why town hall meetings rock

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I think there’s nothing that has a greater impact on cooperative than a live event. Exhibit A to that argument is an annual convention. A very close second are town hall meetings where management hosts regional sessions to both share information with franchisees and members to listen to their concerns. In fact, I could make…

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Be Proactive: Strategies for Reigning in Negative Opinions

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I have been focusing a lot on blogging this summer.  In fact, I just wrote a guest post for ReputationDR Weblog in which I discuss how you can prevent an angry business customer from ruining your online reputation.  ReputationDR specializes in online reputation management and their blog features a variety of tips on preemptive reputation…

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The BAF Signal: Featuring Evan Hackel

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The BAF Signal, written by Bradley Friedman, is a blog that  focuses on time management but also has a variety of posts about other interesting topics such as social media. Recently, I wrote a guest post for The BAF Signal that talks about how social media tools in the business world differ from those used outside…

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The Stages of Membership

Collaboration Engagement Engagement Tips Franchises Management Advice Advice Business Collaboration Cooperatives Dealer Networks franchise franchisee Franchises

There are four stages to a company’s participation in a business group (co-op, buying group, franchise, or dealer network): Curiosity, Felicity, Reality, and Maturity. Stage 1: Curiosity This is the very beginning.  This is where the company/person is investigating.  During this period they are very curious, open-minded, and skeptical all at the same time.  They are…

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The 10 Cent Decision with Laurie Guest

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