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It’s Time to Move All Your Training to Mobile Devices . . . Or Is It?

Distributed Training Mobile Training Online Training Training Training Design Training on iPhones Training on Smartphones

Everything is going mobile . . . shouldn’t you??!!!! Maybe you have thick old training manuals that you’d like to convert for delivery on mobile devices. Or how about those old lessons that you’ve been delivering on computer terminals in your company’s training room? Isn’t it time to adapt them for delivery on your trainees’…

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Training on Smartphones: Six Critical Questions to Ask Before You Begin

Distributed Training Mobile Training Training Training Design Training on Smartphones

You look around your company one day and notice that most of your employees seem to be glued to their smartphones. When they’re not working, they’re shopping, accessing social media, texting with friends, watching videos, reading the news . . . you name it. Your eyes aren’t fooling you. According to the best statistics we…

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