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Why Training to Improve Employee Retention Repays Your Investment Many Times Over

Management Advice ROI employee retention training ROI

  In “Why Training Pays You More than It Costs,” a post I wrote on December 28, I laid out some numbers that clearly showed that profitability surges when salespeople are trained to close only 10% more sales. Today, let’s explore another way that training can produce dramatic improvements in profitability. As you know, losing…

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Case Study: How Better Training Boosts the Bottom Line

E-Learning Management Advice Metrics and Measurement ROI Training Training Design Profitability Training Case Studies training ROI

Most business leaders know that a comprehensive eLearning training program builds more consistent performance among employees, improves customer service, reduces the amount of time that managers spend training new employees, and provides other benefits that impact the bottom line. But do those same businesspeople also understand just how much a company’s overall profitability will grow…

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For Better Training ROI, Focus on Key Performance Indicators

ROI Sales Training Training Training Design Measurement Metrics training ROI

. . . insights from my new book Ingaging Leadership There is so much power in the ongoing, simple process of identifying and monitoring performance indicators in your business. When you identify and measure them before and after training, you enjoy dramatically better results. That process becomes a key part of measuring the ROI that…

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Ask Trainees the Right Questions before Training Begins

ROI Sales Training Training Training Design Trainee Surveys Training Feedback training ROI

“I wish they’d told me how to deal with the most common complaint I hear from customers, but it never came up in training.” “As soon we got back onto the selling floor, we saw that we hadn’t really learned any tools to do our jobs better.”   If you have ever gotten comments like those after…

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Four Ways You’re Paying for Training . . . Whether You Know It or Not

Training Training Design Training Outsourcing Leadership Training Budgeting Training Leadership training ROI

  I am proud to announce that my article “Four Ways You Are Paying for Training . . . Whether You Know It or Not” has just been published in the November issue of Talent Management Excellence Essentials and is now available to read online. The article provides ample food for thought – and compelling…

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Are Your Learners Using their New Skills after Training Ends?

Coaching Metrics and Measurement Training Design Training Lesson Design training ROI

  Are your trainees really using the new skills they learned in training? Here are seven strategies that can help assure that they are: During training, explain what you will be measuring later on. This sounds basic, but it can be effective. For example, if one of your goals is to have your salespeople follow…

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Why Training Deserves “a Seat at the Table” in your Company

Management Advice Metrics and Measurement Collaboration Leadership training ROI

  “Training deserves a seat at the table next to marketing and other company priorities,” our friend Dan Elzer told us in the Breakthrough Ideas webinar that he presented for us last summer. Dan founded The Training Academy, his clients include some of the most successful companies in America, and he is right. Top executives…

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How to Tell the Difference between Training that Is Frivolous and Training that Gets Results

ROI Training Design Training Outsourcing Metrics Training Results training ROI

  Let’s take a look at two professional trainers. In today’s post, we’ll call them Joan and Jack. How Joan and Jack Are Similar Both Joan and Jack are energetic trainers who get their audiences laughing. They will both do whatever it takes – using props or quacking or asking trainees to do silly things – to…

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The 10 Cent Decision with Laurie Guest

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