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Why You Should Talk about Your Brand During Training

Employee training, and onboarding training especially, can do more than teach your workers the skills they need to do their jobs. Training can also teach your team about your brand. In fact, if you train new employees without explaining what your brand is or why your company is exceptional, you are missing an opportunity to not only train your workers, but to energize them.

How should you talk about your brand? Here are some topics to consider weaving into your training.

  • Advancement – Do you offer good employees the opportunity to stay with you for the long term, take on new responsibilities, and succeed?
  • Attitude – Are you a company that values energy, positivity, optimism, and cooperation?
  • Benefits – What extras do you offer that make your company an exceptional place to work, like a good health care plan, flextime, exercise facilities, on-site childcare, and other benefits that are part of your value system?
  • Case studies – What stories can you tell about past successes that have been important markers on your road to success?
  • Communications – Is your company a place where employees’ ideas are welcomed, utilized and rewarded?
  • Customers – Who do you serve, and what do you give them that serves their needs?
  • Differentiators – What makes your company different, and better, from your competitors?
  • Employees – Do you have employees who can tell motivational stories about why they love to work for you?
  • Facilities and resources – What is special and unique about your headquarters and other locations?
  • Family – How does your company work hard to create a healthy work/life balance for all your employees?
  • Future plans – Where are you planning to go in the future as a company, and how are you planning to get there?
  • History – What is unique about your company’s past that makes it exceptional?
  • Inclusiveness – Are you a company that welcomes and makes a home for people from all backgrounds?
  • Leaders – Who founded your company, who leads it now? Have certain current or past employees become champions of what you do and how you do it?
  • Logos, colors, and visual elements – Can you showcase them in a motivational way during your training?
  • Products and services – What products have become the foundation of your success? What is unique and different about them?
  • Regional values – Is your company a leading citizen of your community, state, or region . . . and how do you serve in exceptional ways?
  • Safety – Is your company an especially safe and secure place for people to work?
  • Technology – Do you offer the latest and best technology for your employees to learn and use, and how do both your employees and your customers benefit?
  • Training – Do you invest in exceptional training that helps employees do their jobs exceptionally well and succeed?
  • Value as an employer – How and why is your company an exceptionally good place to work?

Remember, Branding Is More than a Marketing Tool

It would not be an exaggeration to say that your brand is your heartbeat, your soul, your unique value . . . and more. Be sure to make it an important component of your training.

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