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Three Outdated Myths about Training

If you haven’t been paying attention to current trends in training, things have changed.

Let’s take a look at three myths about training that are no longer true.

Myth One: Training Costs a Fortune to Develop

Due to recent developments in technology, the cost of developing and delivering top-quality training has actually come down. For example, Tortal’s Out of the Box Training Solutions can play a big role in helping you develop training at a price that is probably much lower than you anticipate. We have other cost-saving solutions too. Contact our training development professionals to learn more.

Myth Two: Training Becomes Obsolete as Soon as It Is Created

This might have been true in years past, when the training materials you bought and paid for started to become obsolete as they sat on your shelf. Today, thanks again to technology, it is easier than ever before to keep your materials fresh. One great solution is Tortal’s Self-Authoring Course Tool, which lets you update older course materials on your own, with no need to bring in a professional learning development specialist. (The tool is available to Tortal Clients.)

If you create training with the understanding that you want the option to update and modify it, it will never lose its value. If anything, its worth to your organization will only increase.

Myth Three: You Can Never Measure the Effectiveness of Your Training

Again, not true. If you define what you will measure early in your training development process, you will have metrics that let you know how effective your training has been. One great tool is Tortal’s Learning Management System (LMS), which lets you know who is taking your training, how much of it they have completed, how they have scored on embedded tests, and more.

A Brave and Effective New World of Training . . .

As the expression goes, “This is not your grandfather’s training.” To learn about training that is flexible, cost-effective and agile, contact Tortal Training today.