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Why Training Cures Company Chaos

Have you or colleagues at work ever made a statement like this?

“It’s total chaos around here today”

It’s something we have all said at work at one point or another, usually when we can’t keep up with our workload. But we also know that when chaos reigns (and even when people in a company only think it does), lots of bad things are happening. People are failing to execute their crucial priorities, they are forgetting to complete required tasks, they are not returning phone calls or emails from customers and clients, and they are generally upset. Companies where everyone is overtaxed and upset do not operate well and tend to fail.

What Is to Be Done?

If your workplace or company is chaotic, you can improve your leadership and management skills. One book we highly recommend is Ingaging Leadership by our CEO Evan Hackel. It offers a new way to lead that improves organizational efficiency at every level.

Training, which Evan writes about in Ingaging Leadership, is another antidote to chaos.

Companies that train their employees effectively enjoy the following chaos-fighting benefits . . .

  • Greater efficiency, because well-trained employees complete required tasks more quickly, more reliably, and with fewer errors.
  • A reduction in repeated work, because employees know the skills they need to do things right the first time.
  • Fewer customer “issues,” because employees efficiently resolve more customer complaints.
  • Improved employee satisfaction, because workers who know how to do their jobs experience fewer frustrations.
  • Better employee retention, because companies that offer great training send a signal that they are investing in employees and want them to stay around.
  • An improved ability to address the “big issues,” because less time is lost doing lots of small things inefficiently.

Train to Fight the Chaos

To learn more about training that leads to success, contact a Tortal Learning Consultant today.