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Training in the New World of Business

By Evan Hackel

One of the clear blessings of the pandemic is people have become much more computer friendly, less nervous about technology, and much more willing to do online or virtual training. And that is a clear benefit to businesses.

From an economic point of view, virtual training is significantly less expensive than flying everybody in to do live training in a central location. And if done well, virtual training can be equally effective. And companies that use e-learning effectively enjoy other benefits too, including:

  • The ability to train personnel to deliver more consistent and more effective training.
  • A chance to strengthen the brand.
  • The option to send out focused training programs that address new products, new priorities, and training employees who have been recently hired, even in new territories and regions of the country.
  • The ability to adapt and fine-tune training to different people . . . and we know that different people learn in different ways.
  • A chance to repeat critical lessons as needed, at no additional training cost . . . and repetition is sometimes an effective way to get people to learn.
  • The opportunity to deliver focused Just In Time (JIT) service and other training to employees right where they are, not in a company training center.
  • A chance to develop blended training – a mixture of live and virtual training that can be highly customized and effective.

And That Is Only the Beginning

It is very important for you to create a training path for all new hires, and a training path for your current people so everyone can keep growing and becoming better at what they do.

Evan Hackel CEO of Tortal
Evan Hackel

But your overall training success – and therefore, the overall success of your company – hinges today on virtual training. As Covid-19 begins to fade away, your people are ready to embrace virtual training. Our abilities to improve and expand our companies have never been better.