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Training Is the Secret to Keeping Your Restaurant Patrons Healthy


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If you’ve been reading the news lately, you might have noticed a disturbing story about 30 people who became gravely ill after eating at a restaurant in Spain. And it was not just any restaurant. It was one of the top restaurants in Europe – one that had even been given one star by the prestigious Michelin guide.

How could that have happened? The Spanish government is investigating. The illnesses could have been caused by tainted food or poisonous mushrooms that had gotten past the restaurant’s screening process.

The Difficult Lesson Is . . .

If one of the world’s top-rated restaurants made the kind of serious mistake that can make patrons gravely ill, that serves as a lesson that any business that serves food or beverages has a weighty responsibility to make sure that patrons stay healthy.

What is the key to making sure that all your restaurant employees have the needed skills? The answer is training.

The best restaurant training must cover these fundamental skills . . .

  • Basic skills for safe handling of food
  • Protocols for storing and freezing food
  • Hand washing and personal hygiene
  • Critical knowledge about food allergens and allergic reactions
  • Safe cooking times and temperatures for all foods, including meats, fish, eggs and vegetables
  • Correct procedures for cleaning areas where food is prepared and served
Handle With Care!

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