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Training Unleashed Podcast Highlights . . . How to Create a Great Storytelling Video with Trevor Rappleye

Franchise Filming, Trevor Rappleye
Trevor Rappleye

On October 27, our CEO Evan Hackel sat down with Trevor Rappleye, CEO Of Corporate and Franchise Filming, a company that specializes in producing hi-quality video content, specifically storytelling video. The result was a compelling – and highly informative – Training Unleashed Podcast.

So, what makes for a great storytelling video? To find out, you’ll want to spend 25 quality minutes listening to this podcast. In it, you will learn what an engaging storytelling video is, how to tailor one for your audiences, what the best practices are for selecting video equipment, and much more. To learn more about Trevor and his company, visit

Here are some edited highlights from this dynamite podcast . . .

Evan Hackel: Why use a storytelling video? Why not simply present the information and say, “Here is who our company is . . . here is what we do” and provide the basic information about your company?

Trevor Rappleye: The key to a storytelling video is it needs to motivate, excite, and engage the person watching. That’s the power of having a video that is full of emotion and story. It really does a great job of converting somebody who is visiting your website who doesn’t know who you are. Thanks to your video, they feel a connection to what you are trying to sell.

Evan: But to make it all really powerful, what is your secret sauce?

Trevor: Our secret sauce to creating storytelling videos is really not having a script. The secret is not having a script, and not giving people the questions that you want them to answer. That’s a huge thing.

If you give them questions ahead of time, then they’re going to practice their answers in front of the mirror and when you’re recording the video, they’re going to have a piece of paper to the left of them to read their answers from. That doesn’t work! We want them to have emotion. We want to have them wipe their eye because your business helped them so much that they have now gotten emotional on camera.

That is so key and in terms of long-form training videos, you can still film something additional. If you’re talking about how to screw in a bolt, you can later film a scene of somebody on site using that bolt.

Evan: So you have them talk about an activity, then you go and shoot a video of them performing it. And that gets away from those boring, long-form videos where it’s just someone talking in front of a white wall.

Let’s just talk about video equipment for a second. Is it important to invest in a green screen? What do you need to buy?

Trevor: I get that question a lot, and I always implore people to put a timeline to that question. If you spend six months trying to figure out what to buy, you should have just bought something. Then you would have created something rather than nothing.

So, I mean, where people can start with is, like you mentioned, recording with an iPhone right in front of the window. And your video is going to be good. Will it be fantastic? No, but good is good. Good is better than nothing. Right?

If you really want to look good on Zoom, you can find great stuff for about one hundred and fifty bucks. But don’t let a next step stop you from just creating and posting something.

There’s Much More to Learn . . .

Be sure to listen to the whole podcast on creating a storytelling video. Welcome to Training Unleashed!

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