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Translation Services

Translation Services

What Are Translation Services?

Translation services from Tortal Training will expand accessibility within an organization. Through the translation of training materials, content is interpreted and then translated into an easy to understand format. Translation services may be used on written texts like training manuals, or virtual content like websites and videos.

Benefits of Translation Services

Translation services can be utilized in all areas of business to improve communication.

  • Expanded Reach: Translation services pave the way for a workforce to expand on a global level.
  • Maximize Impact: Translation services don’t merely translate sentences word by word. Content is analyzed and then reworded in a way to make sure the right point is coming across in the other language(s).
  • Professional Translators: Tortal Training translators will interpret content and translate courses in an accurate manner.
  • Translating Challenging Text: With translation services, challenging text can be accurately interpreted. Translations factor in local idioms, colloquialisms and cultural references into content to ensure learners will be able to understand.

Why Tortal?

Tortal Training has experience in translating materials into more than 30 languages. We specialize in localizing content based on the country and the specific region.

Translation FAQs

  1. What factors should determine language selection?
    Each company should consider organizational goals and target audience. For instance, if a business would like to expand operations into Canada, French Canadian (not Parisian) translation services should be employed. Stateside, the Hispanic population has continued to grow at steady rates.

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