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Why a Video Profile of Your Company Leaders Can Add Value to Training


MOVIE CLAPPERA training director we know went to his CEO last year and said, “I’d like to feature you in a video that will be shown to our new employees.”

“I don’t want to do that,” the CEO said. “Training shouldn’t be about me, it should be about more important things.”

But the trainer convinced his boss to give it a try. During training, he showed new employees a video that let the CEO explain why he had started the company and lead a virtual tour of company facilities located in several states. And when training was done, trainees . . .

  • Were better able to explain the company’s core values, mission and customer orientation.
  • Had absorbed that information quickly – faster, in fact, than they could have from reading a mission statement projected on a screen.
  • Felt a greater sense of being part of the company team.
  • Were able to talk compelling about their company to customers.

There are more reasons why profiles can add value to training. They let employees in different locations get to know leaders who they might rarely see in person. And an effective video profile can say positive and inspiring things about a company leader that he or she is too modest to say.

Best Practices for Creating a Video Profile of a Top Executive

  • Let an experienced training development company help you plan and produce your video. It can’t look like the work of amateurs, but even more importantly, it should deliver the right message in the right way. Sometimes a casual, economically produced video that shows a company leader talking at his or her desk can be just right. Sometimes a more inspirational profile that shows why a leader created a company or tells another story can be effective. It depends on who your leader is, who your trainees are, what industry you are in, the story you want to tell, your company style and culture, and many other factors. Tip: If your training company wants to bring in a video production company to produce your profile, ask to see some of their previous work.
  • Consider using the profile among other videos about your company and what it does. If it’s the only video you use in training, that can make it seem like your founder or CEO really is trying to steal the spotlight. But if you make the profile only one of several videos you show – or use it as part of a longer narrative about your company – you can balance your message appropriately.
  • Use your video as a catalyst for discussion. One option is to follow the video with a discussion about your company’s values, customers, and mission. Try asking questions like, “What does that tell you about our company’s mission?” or, “Our company was created to serve the customer . . . how are we still doing that today?”

Want to Know More About Using Videos in Your Training?

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