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Why Great Trainers Are Active Learners Too

LEARNING“What have you learned lately?” is an important question to ask your in-house training professionals and the training consultants you are working with. And one more thing – if you are a training professional, why not ask yourself?

Learning is important. When trainers are life learners, they bring a lot more to training . . .

  • An understanding of the most important trends in their industries, in the marketplace, in marketing and more
  • Powerful new ideas about motivation and leadership
  • Insights into the latest training technologies and trends
  • Practical lessons about many companies’ successes and failures across multiple fields and industries
  • Intelligence about what your competitors are doing

Take a Learning Inventory

Whether you are evaluating another trainer’s learning or your own, here are some questions to ask . . .

  • What courses or training programs have you completed . . . and what did you learn?
  • Have you recently heard keynote speeches or other presentations that taught you important new things?
  • Have you earned any new certifications or other credentials . . . and what did you learn?
  • Have you visited companies, countries or other locales where you learned new insights that you can apply to training?
  • What conferences have you attended in the last year? What sessions did you go to, and what did you learn?
  • Have you read any books, articles, research papers or other publications that taught you something new and important?
  • What projects have you managed in the last year, and what did you learn?
  • Have you had any conversations with exceptional people recently? What did you take away from them?
  • What personal experiences in the last year have affected your ideas about success, learning or other training-related issues?

A Culture of Learning Pertains to Trainers Too

“How to Create a Culture of Learning in Your Organization,” a post that we ran on this blog on September 23, 2015, offered advice on how to encourage learning in your organization. If you missed it, why not check it out now? No mistake about it – learning can transform your training in powerful ways.

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