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Why Training Pays You More than It Costs

DOLLARS ROIWhen I wrote my article “Four Ways You’re Paying for Training . . . Whether You Know It or Not,” I knew that it made a lot of sense because it was founded in my own real-world experiences, not on theoretical ideas. In it, I clearly point out ways that training consistently offers a far greater payback than what it costs.

I am pleased to report that my article’s message is resonating with executives in many organizations. And as of today, it has been selected for publication by no fewer than five magazines and websites. Most recently, it appears in Material Handling Network, where you can read it online.

Lost Opportunity: You Can Train Staff to Close More Sales

Let me take the opportunity today to share one example from my article that illustrates the cost of not training.

Let’s say that your staff should be closing 40% of sales, but currently they are only closing 30%. That means you are losing 25% of potential sales; if your company is doing $10 million in annual sales, you are losing $3,333,333 in sales.

With training, increasing a close rate from 30% to 40% is a reasonable expectation. It can mean training staff how to be more polite, listen better, present products more effectively – and ask for the order. It is very, very doable. And if you are not doing it, you are paying for training without even realizing it.

So may I ask, which is costlier, losing $3 million in sales or investing in training?

Training Is a Profit-Producer, a Game-Changer and Much More

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Evan Hackel, CEO, Tortal Training and author of Ingaging Leadership
Evan Hackel, CEO, Tortal Training and author of Ingaging Leadership